About Us

About Us

80P Builder is your source for the highest quality aftermarket pistol, rifle and firearm parts on the web.

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Family Owned and Operated in the USA


Thanks to all of our amazing customers, making us a tremendous success we found in aftermarket firearm parts. We're constantly expanding and enhancing our products and services to continue to provide the highest quality and best deals for aftermarket parts.

Family owned and Operated - 80P Builder is the culmination of our passion for guns, our entrepreneurial spirit, and our desire to help support the rights of the firearm owning community.

When shopping at, you can expect to easily find and purchase what you’re looking for through our responsive eCommerce platform. All of our parts are organized by size and model, and we also offer a wide variety of customizable options for those looking to buy a complete set of parts. All of our parts are made in the United States. If there’s something you need that we may not have listed on our site, please leave us a message and we’ll see if we can help.