Christmas is just around the corner and if you are like me you wait until the last minute possible to think about gifts, you may need some help thinking of some ideas. If this is your situation this year and your loved ones are gun enthusiasts, we have put together a list of gun-related gift ideas. Most of these can be found on, besides a few items found on, so therefore most of these products will have fast shipping and reviews.

  • Pine Ridge 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell 5 Piece Coaster Set - We love these coasters that look like ammo shell and the gold color is especially a nice neutral for any home style and decor. They would be perfect for an at-home bar, pool room or man cave. Best of all, these are currently discounted on Amazon.
  • The Original BenShot Pint Glass with Real Bullet Made in the USA - If your loved one likes a good cold one every now and then this pint glass with a bullet is definitely a great gift idea. It’s made in the USA by veterans and hunters and holds 16 oz of beer! We love the fact that this is made with a real bullet yet has no gun powder or led so it is safe to drink from.
  • Gun Control T-shirt (Satirical) - We love this shirt and the satirical definition “Gun Control (noun) 1. Buying one when you really want two, three, four or five.” This t-shirt makes a great gift for anyone who is pro 2nd amendment and gun rights. Our rights shall not be infringed upon!
  • 2020 Gun Digest - Every year Gun Digest puts out an annual guide for the gun industry and general gun-related news. If your significant other is a firearms enthusiast or likes hunting than this magazine is a must-have to keep up with the latest trends, products, accessories and more. 
  • Gun Keychains - If you are on a tight budget but still want to get your loved one or friend a gun-related gift, these key chains are hard to beat and are gender-neutral. They come in a pack of 6 so you could give out one to multiple friends or keep one for yourself!
  • Gun Art Prints for the Man Cave - We love these vintage gun prints and think they are perfect for a garage, man cave or even a shooting range. Pair them with an American flag and you are set for Christmas gift ideas for your friends and family.
  • Universal Gun Cleaning Kit - This gift is a little pricier compared to the other gifts on our list but is still a great gift option nonetheless. If you are looking for a cleaning kit for many different types of guns this is one of the best ones on the market and a great bang for your buck. Another great benefit of purchasing this kit is that it has a 5-year warranty which is pretty rare to find on a set like this.
  • 2nd Amendment Metal Sign - We love this sign and the message it grabs from our Constitution and the second amendment. It would also be great for a man cave, pool room or shooting range. Show your support by adding this to your home!
  • Shotgun Shell Ashtray - If you have friends or family members that are also smokers along with being gun-savvy we highly recommend this nifty Western-themed shotgun shell ashtray. Why get a boring ashtray when you can get one that is equally fashionable and practical?
  • Firearm Multi-Tool - This firearm multi-tool is great for basic firearm maintenance and is listed at an economical price on Amazon. The description states that it is all you really need for basic firearm maintenance and we could not agree more.
  • Beer and Gun Lovers Bottle Opener - This pistol decor plaque and bottle opener is a must-have for any Western-themed restaurant owner or a man with an at-home bar. It is made from iron so it will last a long time and is completely durable. Makes for a great gift!
  • 2nd Amendment Coffee Tumbler - Show your second amendment pride on the go while having your daily coffee! Not only is this coffee tumbler sleek and nicely-designed but it is also sturdy and high-insulated. We think this is a great gift for anyone who takes their coffee on the go.
  • 80P Builder Swag - Here at 80P Builder we offer a variety of branded hats and accessories which we are always working on updating. Check out what we have and show your 80P Builder pride. Be sure to let us know your feedback on whichever item you choose.


We hope this list of gun-related gift ideas provides you with some insight for your firearm enthusiast loved ones. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas!