We are glad to offer our customers an upgrade to the Holosun 507C Optics red dot sight on certain kits.  Here are 3 benefits of using red dot sights with your 80pbuilder kit, as well as a video review of Holosun 507c with key features and benefits.

1. Improved Speed & Accuracy 

First and foremost, the obvious benefit of using a red dot sight is for the improved speed of finding your target and the accuracy of hitting that target. Red dot sights eliminate having to shift focus between multiple points to accurately hit a target. Instead, they provide a red LED light that reflects on an angled piece of glass emitting a holographic bright red dot wherever you aim the firearm. This allows for a single point of focus on a target that you can aim with both eyes open. These sights are a fantastic way to boost your speed and accuracy on the range.

2. Combat Proven Worldwide 

These sights are common in speed shooting sports but have also been adopted by many military units and police forces around the world.  This provides confidence about their benefits in real-world combat and tactical scenarios.  Now more and more gun owners are choosing red dot optic for self and home defense since time counts in any life or death situation.

3. Narrow the Learning Curve 

Red dot optics can be a huge benefit for beginner shooters. The concept of placing the red dot on your target proves to be simpler than aligning and focusing typical iron sights.  Also, this can be even more beneficial for some of the best highly trained individuals.  Requiring less thought and time needed to acquire and hit a target has been praised by many law enforcement and other individuals facing high-pressure situations that involve making split-second decisions.



Holosun Optics Review | Watch a Video on the Holosun 507c

Below is a very in-depth review of the Holosun 507C by Sage Dynamics.

Does Holosun 507c Fit RMR Cut? 

The Holosoun 507c has the same footprint as the RMR, therefore it will fit any slide manufactured for the Trijon RMR. The Holosun 507C (HS507C) has continued to get good press and a lot of attention because it is an alternate to the Trijicon RMR as a red dot reflex sight and priced under $300. 


Key Features of the Holosun 507c

Holosun 507c
Holosun 507c

• Parallax free optical design, with unlimited eye relief

• Multi-reticle System

• Shake Awake technology with last setting recall

• Solar cell and high capacity battery provide dual power supplies

• Industry-standard footprint for your pistol mounting needs

• CNC machined with 7075 aluminum housing


What do you think of the Holosun 507c? Leave a comment below and let us know!