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5 Reasons to Own a Glock

5 Reasons to Own a Glock

There are lots of reason why you should own a Glock, but we’ve tried to narrow it down to just a handful. Whether you’re a firearm enthusiast, or just someone purchasing a firearm for home protection, Glock’s can serve many purposes. Here’s a quick rundown of the top 5 in our opinion.

Number One - They’re Affordable

One of the most common reasons that Glock’s have grown in popularity is the low barrier to entry. Glock’s are simply affordable. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sacrificing quality. Glock’s are produced and purchased on a massive scale and appeal to someone purchasing them for their safety at home, in addition to someone adding to their collection. Lower price points are common with most models, which has accelerated their growth worldwide and become one of the most popular manufacturers of firearms in America.

Number Two - They’re Easy to Use

It doesn’t take a gunsmith to be able to disassemble, or modify your Glock. Experienced gun owners appreciate their simplicity, and those new to firearms like the ease of use. It’s not difficult to find how-to videos for handling, cleaning, modifying, or just simply maintaining your Glock.

Number Three - They’re Everywhere

It’s hard to go to a shooting range and not see someone else using a Glock. They’re used by professionals and enthusiasts alike. For this reason, the aftermarket for parts has exploded meaning you can find replacement parts and someone willing to help modify your Glock.

Number Four - They’re Consistent

Glock’s are highly reliable firearms with a history few can rival. We’ve conducted numerous torture tests on their firearms and keep finding ourselves coming back to them for reliability. For those who maintain and care for their firearms, Glock’s can last a lifetime and beyond.

Number Five - The Aftermarket

It’s safe for us to say that Glock has a large and supportive aftermarket. Glock is widely popular and there are suppliers who have compatible parts to modify, enhance, and fix your existing Glock.

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