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Creating a Home Defense Plan

If you were in a room of 100 people, and asked by a show of hands how many have taken the time to put together a home defense plan, the number would likely be very few. Most of us know how important it is to be prepared, but few of us go through the exercise of what we’ll need in addition to assigning a task to each member of your household. If you live alone, the plan is a bit more streamlined, but in a family of 4 or more, it’s critical to make sure everyone knows what to do, and when to do it.

Defending your home can mean many things. The first scene most correlate with home defense is the possible scenario of a home invasion with the intent to commit theft. That is certainly a realistic situation you may one day find yourself in, but there are quite a few variations of that scenario that may require some additional planning.

Home defense situations can be caused by anything from a natural disaster, to a man-made one, in addition to economic disasters. In a home defense plan, it’s important to keep everyone involved, even if it’s children. It’s easy to overlook these planning sessions with the speed at which our days fly-by, but when the situation occurs when you need a plan, you’ll wish you’d spent the time to hash it out, or be thankful that you did. One of the first steps in creating a home defense plan is to figure out which scenarios you’re planning for, who’s responsible, and what you’ll need.

Someone who is attempting to break in and steal your belongings may require fewer steps and supplies than planning for a natural disaster. For example, planning for a hurricane that’s bearing down on you and your home requires extensive planning to take into account food, water, and possibly a heat source - not exactly something you need to worry about during a break-in. It’s possible that whatever scenario you’re planning for, it may require the use of a firearm.

If you’re making a plan that involves more than just yourself and it does involve a gun, one of the first things you should do is to make sure every member of your household understands and follows gun safety procedures. This is especially important when kids are involved, who are often underestimated when it comes to something as lethal as a firearm. Kids will pick up on more than one might expect and if you take the time to reinforce the importance of what you’re trying to get them to understand, they’ll likely pick it up quickly.

Taking the time to put together a home defense plan may spark other members of your family to get involved, turning them into a recurring discussion. There’s only so much you can do to prevent becoming a situation that puts you and your family in danger, but there’s no reason you aren’t able to prepare for one.

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