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Doomsday Preparation 101

Emergencies and natural disasters are a real fear for most people but for some folks, the fears about natural disasters and other end-of-the-world conspiracies are more intense to the point of prepping for what they believe to be doomsday or the end of the world. Whether the world actually does have a major crisis within your life through a terrorist attack, natural disaster, nuclear disaster, zombie apocalypse or through any other "wild conspiracies" out there, it's better to be somewhat prepared than not at all in these scary scenarios. And while you cannot always prepare for every emergency or disaster completely that comes up in life, we've come up with a list of items necessary if you are wanting to be somewhat prepared to survive the "final day of judgment" or doomsday.

The Essentials to Add to Your List:

Non-Perishable Foods

Be sure to stock up on canned foods and freeze-dried foods so you and your loved ones don't go hungry when and if that time comes. Some of the most common foods doomsday preppers buy are peanut butter, oatmeal, freeze-dried meals, canned vegetables, canned meat, and canned fruits. Stay away from foods that do not have a long shelf life like fresh produce, fresh meat, bread or other perishable foods. Any food that relies on refrigeration is a definite no. has a great selection of freeze-dried foods like this selection from Legacy Premium which has a 25-year shelf life. Be sure to stock up on a few packages of these food kits since they will not last forever and food may be scarce in times of emergencies!

Weapons for Self Protection

It's no surprise that most doomsday preppers also invest in basic weapons to protect themselves and their families. We recommend investing in a good quality self-defense gun like our Carry Optic which includes the new HS507C Micro Red Dot System from HoloSun for a great sight picture. A few other good options that we sell include the Liberator and the Diplomat, all of which can be purchased on our website currently. It's important to realize that during natural disasters, some people will fight to survive so stay proactive for the safety of yourselves and your loved ones. Along with guns it's a good idea to invest in a few knives and pepper-sprays for your protection.

  • Don't forget to invest in a good amount of bullets for your guns so you do not run out!

First-Aid Kit

The last thing you want to do on doomsday or in a natural disaster is to not have the basic means to take care of a wound or injury that you or a loved one may get. So with that being said, it's a smart idea to invest in a basic first-aid kit to treat any injuries that happen. Be sure it includes alcohol to sanitize any cuts or open wounds, multiple band-aids/bandages and cotton balls.


If a natural disaster does take place, the last thing that will be around is electricity and lighting so it's key to make sure you have a couple of flashlights laying around so you can see during these times. This is especially true if the sun burns out and if humans are still around during this time. 

  • Don't forget to invest in a good amount of batteries to go along with your flashlight so you have as much life as possible.

Water Purification Kit

It's no doubt that humans need water to live so it's important to go ahead and invest in a water purification kit as a part of your doomsday survival kit. If the end of the world comes soon, we may be out of purified water to drink fast so this way you can purify any water or liquid from any source that is available like rainwater, lakes or rivers.


A natural disaster could mean going without transportation or the ability to get to places for a while. One way to combat this and to keep yourself prepared, if traveling by foot, is to have a good quality backpack to carry around your weapons, flashlight, food, first-aid kit and other supplies in. Be sure to find something that has been made with durable material, waterproof and easy on the shoulders. It's also a smart idea to find a backpack with secret compartments to hide anything in that you don't want out and the open.

Survival Radio

If the end of the world does come soon, you don't need to go completely without communication or updates with the outside world or other survivors if you purchase a survival radio. Using one of these radios could help you find a safety shelter or help others in need. As an added bonus, some of these are equipt with lights and other bells and whistles to help you get through these scary times. Check out this radio by FosPower which features two flashlights, a charging station for other electronics and 3 power sources.

  • As a reminder, be sure to purchase back-up batteries to ensure you will always have a charge.

Other End-of-the-World Essentials for the serious prepper:

  • Rope
  • Slingshots
  • Utility knives
  • Bullets and extra gear for your guns
  • Holster to carry your gun in
  • Extra set of clothing
  • Poncho
  • Matches
  • Emergency Shelter Tent
  • Sleeping Bags & Pillows
  • Handwarmers
  • Power Generator
  • Maps
  • Cookware
  • Pet Food/Pet Supplies
  • Masks
  • Toiletries
  • Cash
  • Deck of Cards and/or Board Games

Can you think of any other doomsday prep essentials we may have missed? Let us know so we can add them to our list!


June 22, 2019

S.A.S. Pocket survival guide. Russians have a pretty good grip on survival.
- Bob Jenson

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