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Gun Fashion: Top Concealed Carry (CCW) Purses for Women 2019

Guns and fashion aren’t two subject matters one would typically imagine going together but if you have your concealed carry license then you must have some kind of storage device or bag to place your gun and its accessories in when out in public. Ladies, there is absolutely no reason you need to let your inner Fashionista slide just for this purpose since there are so many options of stylish, CCW-friendly bags and purses out there tailored specifically for you. We’d like to share a few of our favorite concealed carry purses currently on the market for women. No matter your taste or style, there is sure to be something out there for you.

What to Look For When Buying a Concealed Carry Bag or Purse

Let’s first talk about what you should look for when purchasing something to carry around your weapon in. Obviously, you want something that isn’t too distinguishable from just a regular, everyday purse or bag but there are some other key things to look for when buying a concealed carry bag, backpack or purse. See a list of things to consider below:

  1. Discretion. Be sure to make sure your bag or purse is discrete and not too obvious out in public. Choosing a neutral color and something compact is a safe bet when looking at different styles. If you choose something loud and patterned others will notice it more when you are out.
  2. Comfort. When choosing your storage bag, make sure it is something you are comfortable carrying around for long periods of time. Try testing how it feels on your shoulder when you try it on and when you walk around. If it’s too heavy, consider buying something lighter so it doesn’t harm your shoulder.
  3. Accessibility. You want to make sure your gun is easily accessible so you can get to it fast when in a dangerous situation. You don’t want a lot of different compartments or zippers getting in the way of you getting access to your weapon.
  4. Size. Obviously, your gun and its parts and accessories need to fit within the bag or purse you choose to buy so don’t forget to check the size limitations before making your purchase. Don't forget to think about any other items you also plan to carry in the bag and the room needed for those.
  5. Durable Material. This one is obvious but often overlooked when trying to stay within a smaller budget. You simply need to make sure you are buying a high-quality material so your bag or purse don’t weather fast and in turn affect your CCW.
  6. Water Resistance. Make sure your concealed carry handbag or purse is water resistant so you can keep your gun and it's accessories protected and dry when traveling outdoors.

Our Favorite Concealed Carry Bags & Purses for Women in 2019

See a list below of some of our favorite CCW handbags and purses for ladies this year. We hope this post helps inspire you to go out and find a bag for your CCW that you find both practical and fashionable.

Genuine Leather Locking CCW Gun Bag by Roma F.C.

Why we love this purse

  • This purse is super fashionable and discreet
  • It comes in many awesome colors including black, tan and wine
  • Budget-friendly price and available with fast shipping on Amazon Prime
  • Contains plenty of room and inner pockets for other accessories
  • Genuine Leather
  • Many different compartments on the outside of the purse
  • Currently has a 4.5/5 review currently on
  • Slash-Resistant Straps

Amy Studded Satchel Gun Handbag by Lady Conceal

Why we love this purse

  • The design is fashionable and discreet
  • Colors include black, burgundy and cinnamon
  • 5/5 Review currently on
  • Laced tabs and tassels for added flair and style
  • Faux Leather
  • Universal Holster included inside
  • Many different compartments on the inside of the bag
  • Top zipper/closure for easy access

Nickanny's Conceal Carry Purse Multi Pocket Backpack Sling

Why we love this purse

  • Unisex Design
  • Water-Resistant Material
  • Many color options and styles
  • Looks like just a regular gym bag or backpack
  • ⅘ Review currently on
  • Multi-functioning for other sporting gear including photography, fishing, camping and hiking

If you are a woman who does not have your Concealed Carry License yet and is considering doing so please read our blog here for more information and the pros and cons.

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