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Gun-Related Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Finding the perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day can be challenging! Whether your dad or the fathers in your life are into gunsmithing, adding new and fun design elements to their man cave, or just expressing their patriotic side, we’ve gathered gift ideas for all different types of gun-loving dads out there.

  • A trip to the shooting range! Take dad out to his favorite shooting range, or plan a trip to visit some of the largest shooting ranges in the country. We put together a list of great shooting ranges to visit so check it out and start planning a fun trip in celebration of Father’s Day! Dad would love getting out and shooting but also spending time with his family so check it out.
  • Pocket Knife or Custom Knife - Browse for your dad’s favorite kind of knife or get him a few from new brands that he hasn’t tried before so he can add to his knife collection. There are many different kinds of knives so search for the perfect knife within your budget for Father’s Day.
  • Gunsmithing Driver Set - Get your dad a driver set specifically for gunsmithing so he can always use the correct tools on his firearms. This blog post provides a selection of top gunsmithing driver sets online.
  • Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs - These ear muffs help to block out the sound of the gun firing, but allow you to hear the people talking around you. These are a great piece to have when visiting the shooting range!
  • Coaster Set - The 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell coaster set is the perfect addition for his man cave! These coasters add a fun touch to his space while also being practical. Give these a shot (pun intended)!
  • Cool Wall Art Prints for his man cave - He wants his man cave to reflect his personality and what he finds interesting, so why not get him some wall art prints that go with his theme? These gun wall art prints are a great addition to his man cave.
  • Beer cap map of the USA - Another cool piece to add to his man cave is this large beer cap map of the USA! Show off your patriotism and keep track of some of your favorite beers that you’ve tried from around the country.
  • Gun Safe - If your dad has lots of guns, knives, and more, a gun safe is a great gift idea for him for Father’s Day! Keep it safe in a smaller safe like this one, or invest in a larger one that can hold more. If you’re not sure which gun safe is right for you, check out our blog post before making your decision.
  • 20% off kits - A build your own kit is a great way for you and your dad to spend some time together while doing something you both enjoy! Browse our selection of build your own kits and get 20% off!
  • Custom Kits - Any of our 80PB custom kits are a great way to say Happy Father’s Day to the dads in your life! We take the highest quality parts to create custom firearm kits that utilize Polymer80 frames, upper parts kit, lower parts kit, and all the other parts and tools you'll need. Customize them however you want and get to work putting it all together!

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at 80P Builder!

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