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How To Perfect Your Aim

man in target practice

While shooting a gun is a relatively easy task, shooting on target takes much more technique and practice. There are several steps you can take to evaluate what you can do to improve your aim.

First, think about your stance. You want to make sure your shooting stance is stable and comfortable. Whether your feet are even or staggered, the main goal here is to make sure your body weight is balanced.

Next, focus on your grip on the firearm. Your grip can vary based on the type of gun you are using but you need to make sure the gun remains steady throughout the entire progression of the shot. When shooting a pistol, your dominant hand should be on the pistol with your other hand slightly slower.

Before the shot, focus on the target through the front sight on the gun, instead of trying to line up the target with your eyes.

Finally, pulling the trigger. This is the most exhilarating part of the process, but there are few things you can do to ensure you hit your target. While shooting the trigger is exciting, the slower you pull the trigger, the better your shot will be. Pulling the trigger slowly will help keep the gun steady and on target. After releasing the trigger, follow through with your shot. Keep the gun steady for a few seconds after the shot to keep the bullet on target. Moving the gun away too fast can throw off your aim. Before taking your next shot, take time and breathe between your reps.

For the times you are not at the range, you can still practice your aim. Always take time to get familiar with your gun. This can help you find your comfortable grip and focusing through the front sight. A good way to practice using your gun is to practicing “dry firing.” To learn more about the technique of dry firing, check out our blog Dry Firing - What You Need To Know.

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