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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for a Firearm Enthusiast


Are you a last minute shopper and looking for some last minute ideas for the firearms enthusiast in your life? We’ve been there. Below are a few essential items, as well as gear that often gets overlooked. Either way, we hope to be able to spur at least a couple ideas for you.

  1. Range Bag - Seems obvious, but if you’ve ever been to the range with someone who is disorganized by nature, it can take away from the experience. Range bags can make a great gift as most quality bags are not terribly expensive, but you’d want to make sure that it can hold all the essentials, including a gun, ammo, earmuffs, and glasses.
  2. Holsters - While holsters can be a matter of preference based on comfort, there are some universal holsters that are dependable based on the type of firearm they carry. They’re also very affordable and would serve as a great gift.
  3. Ammo -  Can you ever really have enough? There are obviously quite a few variables to consider when it comes to ammo, but you likely have an idea of what they prefer to use along with caliber size. It’s a staple gift for any gun owner.
  4. Gun Vault - A small travel sized vault if a great gift for those who only own a firearm or two for home defense, or for those who tend to travel quite a bit. If they are a traveler, one important attribute to look for is whether or not the vault you choose meets TSA airline guidelines.
  5. Performance Trigger - This one is a bit more specific. You’ll really have to know their preferences well, but a trigger upgrade can go a long way. The person installing it should be very comfortable handling their firearm, or it should be installed by a competent gunsmith.
  6. Training Class - If you know someone who is interested in gaining their concealed carry permit, go ahead and get them signed up. Or give the gift of knowledge to someone who is interested in firearms, but doesn’t have the proper training. An introductory class would be a great way to get them what they need to get started.

A gift for a gun owner can range in size, style, and price, but some of the items listed here are universal that just about any gun owner would appreciate. Regardless of what you decide, you’re sure to fuel their passion.

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