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Shooter Safety at the Firing Range

The firing range is a great place to learn proper techniques, practice shooting targets and test out your new firearm. There are a few things you should know before you head over to the firing range.

Rules at the firing range are important for your personal safety and the safety of all those around you. Following the rules and instructions listed below and that are posted at your firing range, are intended to encourage responsible gun handling and are taken very seriously. While each firing range has their own rules, there are a few general requirements that most have in place. A few of the most important ones in our eyes are below:

  • Stop shooting immediately if you hear someone yell “cease fire”
  • Even if you’re not shooting, you must wear ear and eye protection
  • Keep the barrel pointed down range
  • When other shooters are downrange, don’t handle your firearm and step away from the firing line until the range is clear
  • Until you’re ready to shoot, keep your finger off the trigger
  • Listen to the range “commander” - what they say goes, no matter what

While at the firing range, it’s important overall to pay attention and be aware of what is going on around you at all times. Anyone going to the firing range should know these more general rules, but also pay close attention to specific requirements the location has in place. Safety is key and the best way to ensure safety is if all participants follow the rules and requirements.


March 31, 2019

I’m always aware of other shooters at the range. I trust myself and the people I know, but I don’t know how experienced or educated those around me are. If I see carelessness and dangerous behavior, I get off the line.
- Scott Martin

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