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Things to NOT DO at the Gun Range

If you spend enough time online and frequent firearm related sites, you’re bound to stumble across videos and stories of some questionable characters doing questionable things at gun ranges. There’s a lot of chatter about rules you should follow while at the range, but perhaps we should focus a bit more on the things we shouldn’t be doing at a gun range, including things like this..

man pointing gun

First and foremost, always treat your weapon as if it’s loaded, which means DO NOT point it at anything you do not intend to shoot. More specifically, don’t point it at your friend just to get a selfie pic - just don’t.

Next, DO NOT go with the sideways grip unless you enjoy the feeling of hot brass burning the skin on your face. It’s hard enough to avoid it as is. But, more importantly, guns were not designed to be fired from that position. There’s a reason sights are on top, let alone that recoil tends to point the muzzle of your gun upwards. Use the side grip and you’re lurking in dangerous territory.

DO NOT leave your ejected casings on the floor when you leave. Most gun ranges couldn’t make it easier for you to sweep up your brass and dispose of it properly. Stepping on a Lego may feel like the worst pain in the world, but slipping on spent casings with a loaded firearm is exponentially worse.

Guns can be unbelievably loud. There are some things you don’t need to experience for yourself to know how harmful it can be, so unless you’ve already tried it, DO NOT shoot a gun at the range without proper ear protection. The ringing may stop at some point, but permanent damage to those small fibers in your ears, and you’re bound to be victim to that high pitch frequency for life.

Lastly, DO NOT dismiss the range’s safety rules! That likely includes staying behind the firing line, keeping the safety engaged when appropriate, avoiding rapid fire, and not abiding to a cease fire. Overall, just be safe and respectful so everyone can enjoy the range. And, it’s worth repeating, guns are loud..

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