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Which Gun Safe is Right for You?

Deciding on which gun safe is right for you is not always an easy question to answer. Safely storing your firearm(s) can mean different things to different people as it is certainly not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Most gun owners want to safeguard their investments, but often times, and more importantly when it comes to children, to not let them get into the wrong hands. Where and how you store your firearms is up to you, but there are several factors to consider as it comes down to your end goal. For most of us, it comes down to how many firearms you have, other members of your household, and how much you’re willing to spend on a gun safe.


Answering the question of how much you’re willing to invest in protecting your guns could be a very good starting point to determine the right storage solution. You can purchase a gun safe for less than $100, but they can range into the thousands pretty quickly, so deciding on your budget beforehand can really narrow down your options. As is true with just about anything you purchase, you get what you pay for. There are tons of options when it comes to safes, so if keeping your guns locked up and knowing that they are safe, you should expect to invest in the $750+ range.

Below are a couple variables that will likely have a direct impact of the cost of a gun safe:

  • Lock type - To access your safe, you could go with a traditional combination lock, which is often reliable, but is a bit slower to operate. Electronic locks are much easier to operate and can be cost-effective, but you’ll need to change the battery every so often. Biometric locks are great options as well as they’re also easy to operate, but are not always reliable and they can increase the cost.
  • Fire rating - The thickness and type of insulation included with a gun safe can have a dramatic impact on how well they can withstand extreme external temperatures from a fire. Fire rating standards are a bit murky in the industry, so as a general rule of thumb, just know that when comparing two safes of the same size, the heavier one will likely contain better insulation to help safeguard your guns.


While working within your budget, an essential component to purchasing a gun safe is storage size. The number of guns you have in your possession will dictate the size of the safe you need, but one important factor to consider is that if you are a firearms enthusiast, you will likely add to your collection fairly soon. For this reason, it’s better to shop for more space than you think you’ll need.


Two of the most common reasons to purchase a gun safe is to protect your investments, and to keep your guns out of the hands of the children in your home. With those two factors in mind, it could cause you to re-think what you’re willing to invest into a new safe. If you’ve already invested a substantial sum on the firearms you own, then you’re not going to want to go cheap on a safe that should make you feel secure. Also, paying more to ensure that your little ones cannot access the safe can give you peace of mind, so consider a quality safe in those instances as well.

Below are a few other factors to consider:

  • Make sure you understand the coverage of the warranty
  • Consider leaving delivery and installation to a professional
  • Condensation can be problematic, so consider corrosion control

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