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Why You Should Consider Carrying a Gun While Running or Jogging Outdoors

Running and jogging outside are fantastic ways to enjoy nature while exercising however if you choose to run outdoors, you are doing so at your own risk. I don't want to sound pessimistic here but it can be incredibly dangerous to run outside especially in areas you are unfamiliar with or that don't have many people around. If you are a person who likes running alone, you are at even greater risk and should, therefore, take extra precautions to ensure you are as safe as possible. Many men and women are choosing to carry their concealed carry weapon while running or jogging to keep themselves safe and on the defense, in case they are attacked or feel threatened. While we all hope this type of scenario never actually plays out in our lifetime, it's always better to be prepared and proactive in any risky situation in life. One fantastic way to always stay safe and on the defense, regardless of where you are, is to choose to carry.

Pros of Carrying While Exercising

  • Save Lives. It's simple but true: you could possibly save the life of yourself or others. You never really know when you might feel like your safety is threatened but when running outdoors, you are at risk. If you are a female, unfortunately, you are also at greater danger to be attacked while running so carrying your firearm while running could ultimately save your life. If you are running or jogging with friends or loved ones, you also could save their life as well in this type of scenario.
  • Crime against runners is on the increase. Unfortunately, we see it in the news every day and there is no denying that the crime against runners and joggers is a major problem. It's also a real fear for many female athletes as well. So by choosing to carry, you are only being proactive for your safety.
  • Feel safer. Regardless of whether you ever actually have to use your weapon, you'll feel safer carrying a gun and therefore will be able to relax and enjoy your run more.
  • Exercise your right. It's your right as an American to obtain your concealed carry license. Concealed carry licenses are currently legal in all 50 states so you have no excuse to not take advantage of this right that could save your life or the lives of others.
  • Learn a new skill and hobby. By choosing to get your concealed carry license for exercising outdoors, you will be opening the doors to learning new skills and a hobby that can last a lifetime.

How to Carry a Gun while Running or Jogging

If you decide to carry your weapon while going on your run, you'll need to invest in a holster or some kind of proper equipment to carry it in while running as you obviously do not want to hold it out in the open. There are many options available on the market for men and women to carry their CCW in while running or exercising including holsters, leggings, shorts, pants, waist packs, tanks, sports bras, and waistline bands and more.

Get to Know Your Gun

Every gun is different so, consider taking yours to a gun range to ensure you are comfortable using it before carrying it. Also, try practicing taking it in and out of whatever type of carrier you choose to carry your firearm in. This way, you'll know how to get it out fast if you are ever in a sticky situation.

General Safety Tips when Running or Jogging Outside

  • Choose to carry your weapon with you. If you have your concealed carry license, you should consider carrying while running or jogging to stay feeling safe. While it's doubtful you will ever have to use your weapon in this way, you'll feel safer just having it by your side.
  • Don't listen to headphones. Listening to music or a podcast while running sounds fun in theory but it often leads to the runner not paying attention to their surroundings. It's best to stay alert and that means listening to the sounds around you and keeping watch as you are on your run. If you have a hard time running or exercising without something to listen to, running indoors on a treadmill may be a safer option for you.
  • Watch your surroundings and stay alert at all times. Be on the watch for any person or situation that looks suspicious.
  • Do not run in the evening, night or in the early morning when there is not a lot of daylight.
  • Take a self-defense class. It's smart to sign up and take a self-defense class if you like to exercise outside. As an added bonus, you'll learn to feel confident in any risky situation or if you ever feel the need to fight for your safety.
  • Find a running buddy so you do not have to run alone. It's a great idea to adopt the "buddy system" when running outdoors however, even if you run with another friend or two it is smart to still carry to protect you both.
  • Tell someone. Tell a family member, friend or roommate where you are planning to run and when by leaving a note or text message.

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